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Loop PR is a media relations, public relations and crisis communications and online PR consultancy based in Farnham, Surrey, England. We are PR company helping such high-profile brands as Merck, Reliance Security, Streetcar, Belgars, Arnywear, Streetvan, VW, and a number of wine companies.
Loop PR specialises in finding the intriguing, media friendly and newsworthy stories in your business and presenting them in such a way that turns your brand into a story, your company into a topic of conversation and your idea or product into sales. As a PR company we actively seek your brand’s news, we speak to our friends in the national media and we pro-actively generate news for you. We are not a lazy PR company, media relations is about friendships with journalists and understanding how news media works.
We have top level journalistic training and experience (including 5Live, 10 O’clock news, BBC News Online, BBC Radio 4, World Service, ITN and ITV) which means we instinctively know how to create and manage a story for the media. Secondly, it’s down to our creative, tailored and pro-active approach.
Loop PR has the capability to manage negative situations too. With a team strong in crisis management experience gained with a range of major brands including British Airways and the UK’s major security company, Reliance, Loop has also built an excellent reputation for providing on-going crisis support as well as preparing companies to face major emergencies (crisis training).
We have built online pr campaigns for small start ups through to big brands such as pharmaceutical giant, Merck, and it’s not simply a matter of saying ‘start a blog’. And, in order to test the process for real, our on-line team created a new brand and blog which, using all the tricks of the trade, they took to the front page of Google - they reached a page rank of 6 and an Alexa ranking in the top 100,000 most visited sites in the world. If your PR agency can’t tell you about the merits of Twitter, Summize, friendfeed and Stumble, you’re in trouble.
If it’s necessary we can also engage in publicity stunts, other public relations, press, news, media monitoring, press conferences, 24/7 press office functions, and copywriting.