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Online PR

Loop finds it increasingly surprising that brands which are so keen to get print and broadcast coverage are seemingly disinterested in the virtues of online PR.

We have built online campaigns for small start ups through to big brands such as pharmaceutical giant, Merck, and it’s not simply a matter of saying ‘start a blog’.

We know how to make the process work.

A number of our staff have personal blogs and know how to syndicate and cause an online buzz for their offerings.  And, in order to test the process for real, our on-line team created a new brand which, using all the tricks of the trade, they took to the front page of Google - they reached a page rank of 6 and an Alexa ranking in the top 100,000 most visited sites in the world.

If your PR agency can’t tell you about the merits of Twitter, Summize and Stumble, you’re in trouble.  Speak to Loop soon as there’s a huge potential revenue stream which you, not your competition, could be taking advantage of.





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